PAC-Payroll Deduction Form About US SAFPPA
San Antonio Fire and Police Pensioners’ Association
Political Action Committee
San Antonio Fire and Police Pensioners Association Political Action Committee Bart Moczygemba, Chair Donald Wagoner, Treasurer Alex Perez, Secretary Fellow Pensioners, You’ve seen it on the news and in the papers, read about it in our Grapevine and Centurion publications, heard the rumors and like many, you wonder what impact the attacks on our pension benefits and way of life will be.  Today, no one knows for sure. But make no mistake about it; there exists great political pressure to bring unwanted changes to our pension and health care benefits in the State of Texas and throughout the nation. In order to prepare for this battle, SAFPPA President, Mike Trainer and your Board of Directors have appointed a Political Action Committee. This Committee will have the ability to raise funds from your generous donations and monthly payroll deductions. These funds will be used to help our political allies in their quest for election and reelection, as well as allow the PAC to help educate the public on how important it is to continue our defined benefit pension and health care plans. The PAC will combine with the SAFPPA Legislative Committee to interview and recommend political candidates who are committed to supporting and protecting our well earned benefits. These selections are limited to Texas State Legislative and San Antonio City Council candidates. Once selected, they must be approved by a vote at our monthly Pensioners meeting or by the Board of Directors. All donations and expenditures are legally required to be reported to the Texas Ethics Commission bi-annually. The SAFPPA has joined forces with the Fire and Police Associations as well as our Pension Board to insure a united front for the battles ahead. This will allow us to focus our substantial political assets and abilities on the issue, but ultimately our success depends on you.   So what can you do?  To date over 200 pensioners have joined our PAC, but with over 2000 pensioners we have a long way to go to reach our goal. Be prepared to volunteer some time for our selected candidates by phone banking or block walking. Most importantly we need you to VOTE for our candidates. Each and every one of us should be able to bring in another 10 votes from your family, friends and neighbors.  Please us the enclosed form to set up a payroll deduction and JOIN YOUR PAC TODAY. Thanks for your generous support!
11603 W Coker Loop, Suite 201A, San Antonio, TX 78216